April 2014: North Korea

Special charter trip to the most remote parts of the country!

North Korea, or the People's Democratic Republic of Korea (in short DPRK) is one of the least visited and secret countries on the planet. Phil and I went on a mind blowing 7 day trip to North Korea only 5 years ago. Every day was packed with new incredible visits of massive mausoleums and monuments but also beautiful ancient temples or tombs set in untouched landscape. Fascinating also our private escort to the DMZ and our stay in a traditional wooden Korean house in the lovely town of Kaesong.

I would like to offer you the chance to join me on a new route around the country on a private charter flight up to sacred Mt Paekdu - the birthplace of all the 'dear leaders'. Mt Paekdu is a beautiful volcano with a crater lake inside and also the base camp for military actions during the Korean war. We are now also allowed to visit the harbour town of Chongjin and Wonsan, places that have just be opened for the first time ever to foreign visitors.

Expect to experience something you could not compare with anywhere else in the world!

As a final highlight we will visit the Mass Games in Pyongyang with over 100,000 participants celebrating the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War. Things are changing even in such a closely monitored country and with our visit we also contribute to gentle reforms within the country.

For aviation enthusiasts we can also arrange a special tour around Pyongyang Sunan airport with flight opportunities in some rare aircraft like the Ilyushin Il-76 or 62!

I am working with the most experienced company on trips to the DPRK who have been running trips such trip for over 20 years. Don't miss this opportunity!

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7-10th August 2014 - Bristol Balloon Fiesta

We will be participating with our colourful Cameron 140.


Mid-August to Mid-September - Great Eastern Europe Tour

With our Cameron Voyager 65 and our Stanley the van touring all the way through Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia down to Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Moldova and possibly Ukraine. This is a private recce trip.


Sept 2014 - The Jewel in India's Crown

As Kashmir once again has turned into a fairly safe place for travelling, I would like to offer you this bespoke journey to the remote Himalayans with the option of soft-trekking in Ladakh or relaxing in a lovely luxury camp near the capital Leh.

Our journey begins with a flight from Delhi directly to Amritsar, the holy city of the Sikhs where we shall linger at the Golden Temple and tune into the Indian atmosphere. A short drive from here lies the border to Pakistan where we can witness the bizarre change of guards ceremony and flag hoisting and lowering activities. Travelling via Jammu we reach the magic city of Srinagar where we shall base ourselves for three nights on a traditional houseboat. From here we explore the old town with our specialist guide telling us stories about Jesus' forgotten tomb whilst we wander through the Royal Gardens of Shalimar or make our way through the busy Bazaars, mosques and Hindu temples.

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3rd-5th October - 5th Women's Meet, Stratford

Come and join me for a unique flying weekend in the beautiful surroundings of Alscot Estate near Stratford-upon-Avon! Our hosts Emma and Andrew Holman-West have very kindly invited us again to fly from their private estate and will welcome us in their cosy bar at the 'Bell' in Alderminster! The BWPA will organise a fly in to the nearby airstrip and we should have a fantastic weekend of socialising, hopefully lots of flying and exchange! As usual there will be interesting talks and a film organized in case (heaven forbid!) of inclement weather.

And remember: this event is meant to encourage women to fly and to mix with other fixed wing pilots but everybody can join as long as they bring a female partner! See you in October!

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13th October - Burma

Allie heads back out to Burma to work as consultant and pilot for Orientalballooning with base in Mandalay. Visitors welcome! Phil will join later that month.


Future Trip Options:

South Africa-Lesotho-Swaziland-Mozambique-Botswana

After our initial recce by hopper in Oct 2010, we are planning to set up a 5-countries Balloon Expedition including flights in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique and Botswana. The trip will be around 2 weeks long with self-drive vehicles and trailers to tow the balloons. Stay in lovely local lodges and fly over different beautiful and interesting African countryside.


‘Spirituality and tranquility in Japan’

Come with me to discover the autumnal beauty of Japan with its beautiful secluded temples and gardens. We shall start the tour in southern Kyushu, visit the still active volcano Mt. Aso, take a cruise through the Japan Inland Sea to Osaka, wander through the temples of Kyoto, travel by Shinkansen to Hakone to catch a view of the holy mountain Fujiyama. This tour will include special overnights at monasteries, a meditation lesson, some short walks and an introduction to Japanese tea ceremony and other traditions.

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New trips to either the southern Parts of Burma including Moulmein, the Golden Rock and stunning Mergui archipelago or Northern Burma with elephant camps near the Himalayans or a cruise along the Chindwin river to Naga-land. One trip is planned to include horse trekking. Itineraries will be published here shortly.


Notes for Balloonists:

All those tours can be linked up with ongoing balloon meets in those countries such as the Thailand Balloon Fiestas in Nov/Dec or the Saga Meet in Japan.