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Chasing the world record with a balloon flight over Bangladesh and Brunei 2024

Allie Dunnington is the female world record holder having flown in 115 countries of the world.
She recently completed flying in all of the entire Americas from North to South and is now keen to explore opportunities to take her small hot air balloon to the skies over Bangladesh and Brunei.
With 15 years of commercial flying experience holding a UK CPL,BPL and EASA licence, 1500 hours P1 time and being a flight examiner, Allie will ensure that any flight permitted will be within safe operating limits respecting local airspace and regulations.
The balloon proposed for this flight will be her single-seater cloud hopper, a Cameron O-31 using a single propane cylinder and burner.
The flight will only need to be of a minimum duration of 10 mins with feet off the ground and would not need to be higher than a maximum of 1000ft (with probably as little as 500ft being enough).
The most suitable flying area proposed would be either on private strip of land with grass, a golf course, a wide, long beach or any piece of open land.
Allie would very much appreciate your support in terms of local contacts and connections to achieve this new record.

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